TimeCap - Accurate Time and Attendance.

Flexible time capture methods accessible from anywhere.

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Keep track of your staff with TimeCap.

Stay up-to-date with whose at your premises

TimeCap is a touch screen terminal which keeps track of employees and temp staff's arrivals and departures.

The terminal has built-in facial recognition to ensure that the right member of staff is recording their attendance. Staff do not need to interact with the terminal nor do they need to carry any cards around preventing 'Buddy Pinching'. The added benefit of this is that the facial recognition is more accurate than fingerprints.

With TimeCap, the employee can be pre-scheduled for shifts, if not, the system will still allow the employee to book on, book off, and record breaks.

When the employee books off at the end of the shift, an accurate electronic timesheet is automatically created ready for payroll. Information can be viewed using the Shift Monitor function which displays, in real time, employees who have not booked on or are late for work.

Features of TimeCap:


Real Time staff & visitor attendance


Highly accurate attendance information


Reduces employee payroll issues


Our High volume attendance recording suitable for small & large workforces


Capture Unscheduled events with flexible Security Options


Flexible time capture methods Increase employee satisfaction

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